Nicholas W. Baxter
Board Member

Nicholas joined the board of directors of the Company in September 2011. He has a 24 year career in international resource exploration and development. He has served President & CEO of Eurasia Energy Limited (EUENF:OTCQB) since November 2005. Originally trained as a geophysicist, Nicholas received a Bachelor of Science (Honors) from the University of Liverpool in 1975 and has worked on geophysical survey and exploration projects in the U.K., Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He was COO and a director of A&B Geoscience Corporation from 1985 to 2003, where under his guidance the company secured the first onshore production sharing agreement in Azerbaijan in 1998. A&B became controlled by a private Swiss oil trading firm in 2002. Nicholas worked as an independent upstream oil and gas consultant from 2002 to 2004 before joining Eurasia. He has served as a director of Eurasia Energy since March 2005.