Jericho Oil Corporation’s primary business objective is to drive long-term shareholder value through the growth of production, cash flow and reserves.  The Company’s strategy is implemented through the following key elements.

Growth through the acquisitions of overlooked and undervalued assets across the Mid-Continent region.

Jericho Oil’s acquisition strategy focuses on Mid-Continent oil and natural gas basins that provide significant opportunities for the development of multi-stacked reservoirs, regional consolidation and future production and reserves growth.  Our target assets have existing developed production with stacked pay resource upside.

Most recently, due to the precipitous drop in the price of oil, Jericho has been afforded the opportunity to acquire production, reserves and cash flow, at appreciable discounts to the long-term intrinsic value of oil and gas assets. While many companies “manage” through the historical oil price downturn, Jericho has shifted its focus from drilling and development to creating shareholder value through acquisitions.

In an environment where prices are generally falling, fear of loss causes investors to focus solely on the possibility of continued price declines to the exclusion of investment fundamentals. Accordingly, acquisition pricing for production and reserves have fallen considerably along with the price of oil. As such, Jericho is actively looking, but remains patiently aggressive, on the acquisition front.

Organically Grow Production, Reserves and Cash Flow.

Jericho Oil maintains a sizable inventory of drilling and optimization projects to achieve organic growth through its capital program.  We focus on exploiting low-risk, productive assets through the implementation of primary and secondary oil recovery techniques.  Drilling opportunities are based on low-risk, repeatable stacked-pay locations in order to maintain and increase cash flow.

Horizontal wells are drilled on a strong technical and economic premise.  As long-term oil prices stabilize, Jericho will look to further unlock its resource potential through rig additions.

Reduce Costs Through Operational Efficiencies.

Jericho Oil focuses on driving operational efficiencies across its entire asset base resulting in high netbacks and strong per barrel performance.  We work diligently to maintain a tight operating radius and to lease and purchase only contiguous and proximate acreage and production.  This allows Jericho to capitalize on economies of scale, making it easier for less human capital and resources to operate a growing production and acreage base.

Previous operators left much to be desired.  Jericho’s strong capital position and its focus on new and cutting edge technologies will drive efficient per well production improvements.